WASTE MANAGEMENTCollection of Waste

Resolve: Trash2Cash collection of waste is led by youth who live in slums, and who were unemployed, they are trained and paid to collect and reach the waste materials to recycling units. The paper and food waste from corporate and household in urban areas is collected in a segregated form. This waste is segregated at the source to retrieve and ensure 100% usage in recycling and this exercise largely prevents the waste from going into the landfill. Paper waste is recycled to produce value-added products in women-led workshops and organic waste is turned into compost.

Each corporate house is our potential partner and stakeholder to waste seg3management project and their support and participation is extremely important in shaping the road ahead for proper management of waste in the city. We appreciate the participation of various organizations in the program including schools, restaurants and eateries donating waste for recycling.

SAFE issues quarterly waste audit report to the corporate partners/organizations/residential housing complex on the amount of waste collected and recycled, and we provide Waste Efficiency Certificate to the waste donating organization stating the waste disposal efficiency, mainly segregation at source and to what extent the recycling could be achieved.

After collection, weighing of waste is done, and then is reached to the respective recycling units, and the end products are hand made micro utility products made from waste paper and compost from food waste. A large amount of plastic bottles are also recycled into utility products. 

Each month now 2000Kg of waste paper and compost 4000kg of food waste is recycled reducing CO2-equivalent emissions by 1020 metric tonnes each year.