Segregation at Source

WASTE MANAGEMENTSegregation at Source

Segregation of waste at source

The main problem is the will to segregate the waste, wet or dry waste from the source of generation. If at the minimum two dustbins are used to dispose the wet (Food, flower, garden waste, tea bags etc) and dry (Plastic bottles, paper, packets wrappers etc), then 80% of the waste can be solved as more materials at disposal end can be retrieved for recycling.  The best practice is to keep papers separately, to ensure 100% recycling; ironically on average 17% paper waste is reaching the municipal waste dumps per day.

SAFE earnestly requests to donate waste in a segregated form and we carry out extensive awareness programs on segregation of waste at source.

RESOLVE also campaigns for correct waste disposal system at source. The program objectives get nourished by the contribution of segregated waste from organizations/institutions/residential complexes.