Vodafone Essar Limited,first to fund the conceptrajiken of Resolve: Trash2cash under CSR partnership with South Asian Forum for Environment in year 2010.

National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), office in Kolkata, for past five years now have supported Resolve Trash2Cash by buying the products, and providing mainstream market linkage to the Resolve products  through fairs and exhibitions.

MATCH International Women Fund, MIWF provide direct financial support to grassroots women rights organizations? that are holding ground and breaking ground in the global south. MIWF supports innovations that help dismantle barriers, challenge perceptions, and change the world for women and girls.  MIWF financial support with evolved guidance since year 2014, has institutionalized Resolve Trash2Cash, and has helped develop a value chain in municipal waste recycling for assuring economic returns and community resilience of the poor women. MIWF has strengthened the grassroots movement for women and have empowered them in realizing their rights.

Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation, BMCis responsible for the civic infrastructure and administration RT2C Supported by nabad of Bidhannagar Salt Lake City and parts of Rajarhat suburbs of Kolkata. BMC has been catalytic support to waste management campaigns by providing opportunity for the promotion of recycled products made by women waste workers. SAFE is in part of segregation of waste at source campaign with BMC, a step towards integrated solid waste management.

Kolkata Urban Services for the Poor, Ministry of Urban Affairs, Govt.of West Bengal: In year 2012-13, Resolve received support from ICF, Innovative Challenge Fund, under Ministry of Urban Affairs, Government of West Bengal, as an entrepreneurial effort of the women leaders of the community and attempts to mainstream urban poor by capacity building and creating new economic opportunities for them in the unorganized sector of solid waste management through micro production units of recycling products, developing micro utility retail chain and selling green value products.

The US consulate office & American Center in Kolkata, the partnership program???????????????????????????????????? was officially launched by the visiting U.S Ambassador, Kathleen Stephens on 13 Aug’2014 at U.S Consulate, Kolkata. The US Consulate & American Centre in Kolkata has been a part of the recycling program, and the office paper waste, shredded paper is given for up-cycling to Resolve paper mache workshop. The US Consul General Craig L. Hall, on 17th November 2015 inaugurated the paper pulp unit of Resolve Trash2Cash.

Earth Day Network International, Rt2C team thanks Earth Day Network International for the partnership and encouragement, with successful publication of eBook "Pathways to Green Cities" which includes the best innovative environmental practice stories. Innovative Ideas from Urban India”, a collage of 24 useful and inspiring stories that included Resolve: Trash2Cash.

Our corporate partners are: PwC SDC, Ericsson, Lexmark International, DLF