CSR Partnership

RESOLVE: TRASH2CASH welcomes partnership under Corporate Social Responsibility

In the recently published Human Development Report 2015, it was unveiled that India has been placed at 130th position in the 2015 Human Development Index (HDI) among the 188 countries. The report was released by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

We invite greater partnership with your esteemed corporate houses to be a part of the mission in achieving the target of Sustainability, through Women Empowerment, Poverty Alleviation, Water & sanitation and education for poor children.

Why support Resolve?

Environment degradation has a catastrophic impact on women, and it is a fact that damagecsr1 to wetlands, have massively increased unemployment among the women who were completely dependent on local wetlands for sustenance, as it is not easy for her to migrate far for work, with family to look after. Similarly, prolong drought and flood have changed the agriculture dynamics in villages and low yield made them suffer in acute poverty and starvation. Thus circumstanced forced migration to cities was inevitable compelling the 77% of women to take on ragpicking as a profession in cities.
Lack of personal and social security, awareness & education among them and their children and lack of opportunities for the same push them towards exploitation, abuse and ostracization. 

  • Sustainable Development Goal, (MDG) ensures environmental sustainability and developing global partnership for development. The isolated efforts could not yield effective implementation of the goal in the grass roots.
  • Only a joint approach with representatives from the government, CSO’s and private enterprises towards a common goal of sustainable development can yield effective results.

CSR partnership for waste management

csr2Resolve Trash2Cash: Women led waste recycling micro-enterprise
Our program on Recycling Waste titled, ‘Resolve: Trash to Cash’, launched in 2011 has taken a shape of full-fledged community enterprise that recycles solid waste and at the same time mainstreams poor women waste workers and unemployed youth. This is an innovative eco-friendly model that recycles waste and in turn minimizes land fill emissions.

Resolve T2C creates direct employment for the slum dwellers and waste workers and gives them a safe & dignified working ambience. SAFE imparts training for skill development of the poor men & women from community and special emphasis is given on the empowerment of women ragpickers, who are the most marginal and the vulnerable section of society and therefore victims of both social abuse and ostracism.

RESOLVE campaigns for correct waste disposal system at source and recycling.  However, the program objective gets nourished by the contribution of waste from organizations/institutions/residential complexes, mainly paper, food and plastic waste.

The program promotes sale of eco-friendly useful products like Biofertilizers and Paper Mache products and the revenue helps in supporting the livelihood of women involved in the work and operational costs of waste recycling &management.

CSR funding Supporting the waste management program, help build better infrastructure for recycling units, funding for mechanization, technology, creating livelihood for more unemployed youth, and extensive awareness on waste reduce, reuse and recycle.

Outcome (1) Minimize landfill emission, (2) Reduce pollution levels, (3) Prevent ground water contamination, (4) Create employment for poor, (5) Greater awareness & promotion of recycled products 6) women empowerment

Lighthouse Activity Award 2014, UNFCCC: Resolve: Trash 2 Cash Project, a climate initiative of SAFE to reduce landfill emissions in urban areas and creating a sustainable and practical waste management system through segregation and recycling of waste.