Livelihood Sustainability



Livelihood opportunities for the economically challenged communities is very much aligned and integrated with environmental conservation as in most cases the communities are dependent on natural resources and environmental services.

SAFE promotes eco-friendly livelihood for the commons and creates alternative livelihood opportunities for them to compensate the opportunity cost incurred by them in continued conservation efforts. Such livelihood opportunities include capacity building, technology cooperation, participatory action research and risk governance. SAFE tries to append risk coverage mechanisms and risk spreading alternatives with every livelihood opportunities for a sustained and inclusive growth.

The mission of the women led enterprise, ‘Resolve: Trash2Cash has ever been that ‘Recycling is an art that sustains life and livelihood’. It empowers women not just to earn their bread but to work safely & earn the dignity of a mother who rears her children for a better tomorrow. The enterprise does not prepare for making better rag pickers for the city to remain clean but attempts to rekindle the entrepreneurial abilities within a human being that may even roil out wealth from waste by the ‘Art of Recycling’.