Training & Capacity Building

LIVELIHOOD OPPORTUNITYTraining & Capacity Building

Training & capacity building: In this project, the women are trained to recycle waste from the city’s dustbins to make micro-utility household products. The products not only earn a livelihood for hundreds of these street women but more so it earns a dignity for them through inclusive growth & socioeconomic mainstreaming. This innovative eco-friendly model further minimizes landfill emissions by promoting recycling of waste.
SAFE imparts extensive training for skill development and empowerment of the poor women from community who are the most marginal and the vulnerable section of society. The program further encourages & promotes sale of the handmade eco-friendly useful products with the revenue generated from them supporting the monthly stipend of communities involved & in the sustenance of this green initiative.

The services that are provided to this community are as hereunder:
• Capacity building exercises and hands-on training for the trade.
• Permission to join the retail team on commission based incentives without capitation fee and security deposits.
• Initiation to micro-insurance schemes
• Free medical camps and sanitation awareness programme
• Credit linkage facility after successful completion of training

Benefits to the members:
• Alternative economic opportunity for sustaining livelihood
• Skill development and financial inclusion
• Social assurance and better lifestyle
Management & Governance: The deemed Integrated Solid Waste Management micro enterprise associated with SAFE is absolutely owned by the women members.
Community members elect their representatives & they have a say in decision making. The model of the business is member centric to peer group oriented. The members own the business & this makes them work with greater dedication while the peer groups emerge as joint liability groups for sustaining the business economics; also, when they formulate the rules & regulations they are less likely to violate them. This makes the system both strong & transparent.