WASTE MANAGEMENTExhibition & Sales

Resolve Trash2Cash is a community led waste management micro enterprise,9. Consumers buying ResolveT2C products the waste is recycled into purely hand-made micro utility products. Design and innovations are very important factors while competing with the mainstream market, all the products are made from daily waste generated from offices, institutes, school and even residences. The recycled products includes, the paper mache handicraft products made from the office paper waste and the organic fertilizer is the product of the recycled pure food waste collected.  There are a range of designed based products, mainly made out of waste plastic or glass bottles, cartons, and other thrown items. Water hyacinth recycling is also an very important section of this enterprise, and community women are trained in the art of recycling.

DSCN3950Resolve team conducts series of sale cum exhibitions in cities, corporate offices and the public places; the revenue return from sale is the sustainability base of the program, considering the fact that it supports the livelihood of the 300 waste workers, now emerging as the first generation artisans. Recycled handicraft items have huge market potential and giving citizens an opportunity to buy recycled products only ensures their responsible reciprocation towards environment and the people breathing in acute poverty.

Resolve regularly participates at national level fairs, and the market has huge potential, ResolveTrash2Cash is not only scalable but also replicable in other urban poor areas around the world.  Resolve: Trash2Cash is creating sustainable jobs for the urban poor, particularly women, and unemployed young people.

For booking order please contact Mr.Abhijit Sarkar, 9836498564, or mail resolvet2c@gmail.com